Charming Necessities

Garment Care

The best way to care for your Charming Necessities outfits!

I use 100% cotton, designer fabrics.  Why?  Well for a few reasons.

1.  Designer fabrics are quality fabrics, of course.  They are sturdy, yet soft, and also wash and wear well - unlike their cheaper counterparts that fade after the first wash and then don't look so pretty anymore.

2.  100% cotton is a great choice for little one's skin.  Its breathable and, well - COTTON!  ;)

3.  I want to use the newest and trendiest prints for my collections!

The best way to care for your outfits.

While you can just throw your garments in the washer and dryer just like other clothing, a little extra attention will keep them looking their best longer.  My twin's wear 50% Charming Necessities clothing and 50% store bought items.  These are the methods that I have found work best for their boutique items.

1.  For stains, spot treat as you would normally do.

2.  Wash on cold or warm water {extremely hot water can shrink and fade the cottons}.

3.  For drying, you CAN put your items in the dryer with everything else.  BUT cotton can wrinkle if left in the dryer too long .  So make sure you take the clothing out as soon as the dryer is done.

OR {this is my favorite method - but I don't do this every time I wash}

Hang your cotton garments to dry.  Especially those with lots of ruffles.  I usually take the items right out of the wash, shake them out a few times and straighten out the ruffles and straps.  This way you avoid wrinkled outfits - and you don't have to iron!