Charming Necessities


How do I check the status of my order? TOP

All orders are subject to a production time.  Remember that shipping times must also be considered.  Please refer to the Shipping and Policies page for current production times.

What is a production time? TOP

Every item on available here at Charming Necessities is made to order. 

This means that your items are made, specifically for you, when you purchase them!  Please refer to the Shipping and Policies section to see what the current turn around time is.

How do I know that my order has been shipped? TOP

You will recieve a email notification from Paypal when you items are mailed, including a tracking number for your package.  This email is sent to the email address is linked to your Paypal account.

Please remember that all items are subject to a production time.  Refer to the Shipping and Policies page for more information.

Can you do custom orders or make changes to current items? TOP

No, I cannot take custom orders or make changes to items I already sell {ie switch fabric placement, add ruffles, change a color, etc}.  Becuase I work on many orders at the same time, and because of the volume I sew on any given day, I need to keep everything streamlined.  Items are sold as is {as shown}.

Are any items Ready To Ship? TOP

No.  All items are made to order.

What does "instock" mean? TOP

When it says there are a certain amount of an item in stock - this means that I have enough supplies to make that many of the item.  For instance, if it says there are 3 Knot Dresses in stock, that means I have enough fabric to make that many.  This DOES NOT mean the items are ready to ship.  All items are subject to a production time, found on the Shipping and Policies page.

What do you mean by "handcrafted" boutique? TOP

All of the items here at Charming Necessities are handcrafted by me in my home studio.  I make each item with great attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind.  

Items are crafted in a smoke free, pet free environment.

Do you wholesale or drop ship? TOP

No, I'm sorry, at this time I do not wholesale or drop ship at this time.

I don't have a Paypal account! TOP

You DO NOT have to have a Paypal account to purchase!  Paypal is simply the means by which to process your credit card.  Simply select the Paypal option for "credit card" during the checkout process.

Do you ship internationally? TOP

Yes, please refer to the shipping and policies page for information on international shipping information.

Do items ever become out of stock? TOP

Sometimes high demand for an item will cause it to sell out before I have a chance to update my inventory.  In the event that an item sells out, I will contact you to offer a refund or and exchange.

Do you pre-wash the fabrics you use? TOP

All fabrics are pre-washed in a free and clear detergent prior to construction.  This ensures that there will be no shrinking of the finished product, and also removes the finishing starch.